Trudeau Canada's shame

Seems like Castanet and other media will only report "niceties" about Justin Trudeau.

This man is a shame to our country. He goes out of his way to prance in every Gay pride parade around the country, in the meantime ignoring what a prime minister is voted in for.

An international crisis with Saudi Arabia is looming, and he has avoided any comments on it. But he makes time for groping peaches at Grannies Fruitstand in Summerland.

The environment, economy, and our hard-earned tax dollars being sent overseas. These are all issues that need serious, immediate attention.

Instead he is doing selfies with people like swooning Connie Denesiuk.

Hard to believe there are people out there who actually support this man. He is campaigning on our tax dollar because he knows he's in big trouble.

Trudeau is the Liberals' shame. Instead of sunny days, this man-child has created a storm on the horizon.

Wake up, Canada. Justin Trudeau is a traitor to our country and everything good that it once stood for.

Wilma Van Vliet, Summerland

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