Bills go up, pension doesn't

I read Patrick Olenick's letter about the price of Hydro. 

I totally agree with him about the cost of air conditioning in the Okanagan.

I pay my Hydro bills monthly, and before the hot weather hit, had a great "cushion" with my monthly Hydro bills. But since the hot weather hit and all the smoke in the valley started (my house was under evacuation alert), I no longer have a credit.

Suddenly, since I started using the air conditioning, which is an outdoor unit run through my gas furnace, in other words, central air, my Hydro bill has also gone into the second tier usage.

I don't use this much power during the coldest part of the year. Now, I'm being punished because of the heat and smoke in the valley.   

First we get milked by the gas companies for fuel for our vehicles, now BC Hydro is milking us for trying to stay out of the smoke and heat.

I notice my pensions haven't kept up with this inflation.

Kerry Kozak, Peachland

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