Traffic relief required

How much longer can the city go without doing something about the traffic problems that are so obvious to us all? 

They approve building projects here, there and everywhere without spending a dime on infrastructure to service those new homes. It is all about the greed for property taxes, it appears.

The area most concerning to me, as a resident of old Glenmore, is the junction of Glenmore-Clement-Enterprise and the highway. You have four incredibly busy roads converging at one poorly designed junction. It was a recipe for disaster, and so it has proved.

There are times when it is a no-go zone, but even during the middle of the day it can be chaos there, with cars having to wait three or four rotations of the lights before they can get across.

The city's solution? Approve a 161-room hotel right in the middle of it all and a block of low-cost housing on the corner of Enterprise. What are they thinking? Don't city councillors ever drive through that area?

Drivers are getting frustrated, and rightly so. I am starting to see some taking short cuts through Parkinson Rec Centre. That can only end badly.

The more development that is allowed in that area, it is going to make it harder to modify the existing junction. We do not need consultations and committee meetings, we need action, and we need it soon. Get the province involved and get an overpass or underpass at the highway to release some of that congestion.

I'm sure residents of each area of Kelowna could tell a similar story, and it all boils down to bad planning. We deserve better.

Peter Emery, Kelowna

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