Trudeau an embarrassment

Our fearless prime minister is taking part in another Gay Pride parade.

When are we going to see Justin Trudeau doing anything that Canadians actually care about?

Between the economy and jobs, there are so many important issues that need addressing. Instead, he continues to give millions away to questionable causes.

So many families and people are struggling to make ends meet. In the meantime, he carries on like a kid, playing with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Trudeau is one big failure as prime minister At least his father, whether you agreed with him or not, was an intelligent man. This spoiled man-child has never grown up.

I am waiting to wake up from the nightmare.

He is a total embarrassment to our country and to the Liberal Party. What were they thinking?

I once heard that elected officials should serve two terms – one in office and the other in jail.

The next election can not come soon enough.

W. Van Vliet, Summerland

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