A beef with the beach

All the beaches were ready for the long weekend except the dog beach (former Mushroom Beach), which was fenced off all spring for one reason or another.

The gate leading to City Park was locked because some doughhead at City Hall thought the beach needed new sod. Its a dog beach where the druggies hang. Neither group was complaining about the grass.

We saw numerous people turn around because the gate was closed. The park portion was closed and fenced off. There was no reason to lock all the pedestrian and bike traffic off for the long weekend because of some sod.

Another case of misspent tax dollars.

There were lots of tourists trying to get from one side to the other. Surely, the work could have waited until after the thousands of people were done for the weekend.

The money could have gone to get the kids water park in working order – it has been over a year.

Heather Hamilton, Kelowna

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