He's loving Trump

All the negative rhetoric pumped out by the mainstream media about Donald Trump unfortunately resonates with a lot of people.

But, for the rest of us, who don’t accept verbatim the lies and misinformation (fake news) that inundates our 24-hour news cycle, we instead look at the facts.

What Trump has accomplished in less than two years is breathtaking by almost every meaningful metric.

He has lowered unemployment to historic levels, lowered taxes (on every tax bracket), Wall Street is thriving, GDP is headed way up, trade deficits are being balanced, their borders are finally getting secured, the world nuclear threat (North Korea) and worldwide terrorism have been greatly reduced, consumer confidence is up, wages are up, businesses are expanding and returning from overseas, he expanded the military (which is actually the Western World’s military), and on and on.

He is a staunch patriot and nationalist and puts the needs of America first.

How I wish we had that kind of leadership in Canada.

People who are too lazy to do their own research on the facts are easily distracted by his tough, sometimes crass tweets, but he’s a straight shooter and sometimes that’s going to offend people. Too bad. I’d rather have someone tell me the truth in a blunt, straight-forward manner instead of being constantly lied to by slick, smiling, carefully worded, practised, disingenuous, professional deceivers like Obama and Trudeau.

And, for anyone who has actually ever met an American, It’s pretty obvious they tend to be very proud, somewhat arrogant and cocky and maybe even a little annoying.

Well, Trump is a billionaire American with a huge ego. So what? It shouldn’t be a surprise that he comes across a little brash.

I challenge anyone to look up the indicators that actually matter on how Trump is performing and stop being led around by all the noise the far left is generating.

Steve Novak

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