Peachland needs change

I realize it's early days in the campaign for Peachland Coun. Keith Thom, and his 12-man propaganda machine is not yet well oiled.

However, two things come to mind after announcing his run for the mayor’s seat.

Firstly, if he knew for four years he was planning to run for mayor, one might assume his record for those years would be stellar. Some may question his performance as councillor, like the rest of this council, as rather lacklustre and glaringly divisive.

Thom hasn't said anything about listening to his constituents, the taxpayers who pay his salary. Constituents want to be heard.

Advice for the incumbents: if listening to the people you represent doesn't make your top 10 election promises, then don't bother leaving the gate.

As for the lacklustre last four years, it is probable this council hopes to be remembered as one that brought us seniors housing (former mayor Fielding and former councillor Halberg initiated the process over 10 years ago) and which brought us a new water treatment plant (and the debt that comes with it). 

But, history may remember this council for:

  • Calling the RCMP on taxpayers at a council meeting
  • Calling the RCMP for a Facebook threat
  • Work conditions so negative the town bylaw officer quit
  • Arguing for months over memorial flowers left by a grieving mom on a park bench

This council will also be remembered for closing the yard waste site, ruining beach access for residents and tourists forever with rip rap rocks and radically changing the essence of this town by rewriting the Official Community Plan to allow five and six-storey highrises along our waterfront.

A vote for any current member of the council, is a vote for more of the same.

Benjamin Yamamoto, Peachland

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