Protest in our own way

With reference to your June 12 2018 article about USA travel plans, I would like to add that because of the Trump situation, the tariffs, the instability in the USA, that we have absolutely no desire to do any travelling anymore into the states. 

In the new year, I will be 70 and it has been my goal for many years that when I actually retired, we would take a multi month trip down the West Coast which would include the Oregon coast, all through California, over to the Grand Canyon and to visit all the sites in between and just go wherever our desires wanted to go. No more, we now have just zero desire to go there.

We specifically try very hard not to buy anything that says made in USA, we buy food locally when available or even from Mexico as our little way of protesting how Trump is treating Canada and the world. I hope everyone in Canada does their own little protest in their own way.

Gary Bowman

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