Glenmore on back burner

As a long time resident of Glenmore, I’d like to thank the present mayor and council for the following:

The decision to put the Glenmore Recreation Park and Sports field on hold. I was optimistic that this project was finally moving forward after the land was approved for use by the ALC way back in 2011. Then in early May we were informed that construction was ‘on hold’ as council could come up with ‘no new money for 2018.’ Parks and Public Spaces Manager Andrew Gibbs was quoted as saying “we're in a really hot climate for construction costs. Every year, the costs are going up incredibly." So, instead of budgeting and finishing the park as soon as possible, council plans to take 10 years for the full build out and pay the escalating constructions costs.

Equally sad is that North Glenmore fire hall fields were recently decommissioned as a trade-off for the land on Valley Road being used for non-agricultural purposes. Fruit trees are now being planted on this site. As a result we have fewer playing fields and ball diamonds and now have to wait at least another 2 years for even one soccer field to be ready on the new site.

Postponing the new fire hall in North Glenmore. Currently, tax payers’ money is being wasted renovating the old, out-dated volunteer fire hall. Voting against the Diamond Mountain development, I walked this entire site in 2010 when it was considered a viable development by all concerned. At the time, the plan seemed to be a forward-thinking, thoughtful use of the property. I was disheartened but not surprised when the proposal was turned down. But, I was surprised by the reported statements from some of the councillors, including the fact that one or more were confused by the city’s presentation at the council meeting. No elected official should be voting on anything if they are confused by or don’t understand the matter under consideration.

Allowing ugly, rectangular building developments in Glenmore, we hear time and again that council has sent a developer back to the drawing table as a presented design is lacking in some way. Sadly, Glenmore doesn’t get that consideration. From Luke Stack “I look at that one side - what you'll see on Glenmore - I find it somewhat uninspiring." (Voted for project). From Maxine DeHart “disappointed when I saw this, looks like row housing, disappointing to me. It's sort of the gateway from Glenmore into the city.” (Voted for project). Thanks.

Crumbling roads (Valley Road and Sexsmith Road). A quick perusal of the city web page shows nothing in the works for these overworked, under-serviced roads. Valley Road will have hundreds more vehicles on it as approved developments are completed. Sexsmith Road was maxed out years ago and cannot adequately handle the amount of traffic it sees.

But, I guess we should be thankful for what Glenmore does have, the dump.

Graeme James

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