Always wanted a pipeline

I too am angry about the pipeline. I’m sure many BC residents are unhappy about billions of their tax dollars being spent to help Alberta out of their economic slump. It never ceases to amaze me how politicians can speak so convincingly during their campaign and then do a complete 360 once elected. All of a sudden they start squandering tax dollars as if there was a never ending supply of cash and we tax payers sit on our behinds and watch it all happen.

How can our Prime Minister on one hand implement a carbon tax on us aimed at getting us to drive less or use less oil in order to help save the environment then with the next breath spend 4 billion (billion is the new million) tax dollars to buy a pipeline to transport some of the dirtiest oil on the planet or preach about climate change, talk about an oxymoron.

Hopefully Canadians will wise up and send him a message with their next vote that we are not his personal piggy bank. We really need to overhaul our antiquated political system so that we can vote for the Prime Minister we want rather than having him forced upon us by the political parties and their deep pocket loyalists. But then it does seem like Canadians have very short memories. The 10 million dollar payout to a suspected terrorist has already all but been forgotten and I’m guessing their banking on that happening with the pipeline as we almost never hold them accountable. Just imagine how much real good could be done with 4 billion dollars, like fixing our broken health care system for one. 

Ken Quesnel

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