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I wanted to take a moment to make a shout out to those that work in the field of human health services. Your jobs are endlessly working towards goals that do not have an end goal of entrepreneurial wealth but rather to a selflessness of service to humanity. This little note is only a very small example of what happens every day in and out of health care settings for those that need us most. As I used to work with vulnerable children that had special needs, I wanted to stop – pause – and make mention of an event.

Last week Wednesday, I was in Kamloops for an appointment when attempting to pay for parking I was approached by several people. It was quickly evident that most of the adults in the group had various disabilities and along with them were two chaperones. One of the adults commented on the day being my birthday, at which time I had made a quick decision to respond with a “yes”. I wanted to commit to a conversation with this young man and not dwell on the fact my birthday isn’t for another 3 months. He showed much excitement over the conversation at which time one of the chaperones reminded him of his awareness support wristband (Corrections BC). It was at that time I realized the importance we all play in the daily lives of those around us. We are chosen at times in our life with the highest responsibility to help those around us by simply the avenue/virtue of occupation we have chosen. We can then either choose to rise to the calling and be our best self for the sake of others; or well, make a decision other than what promotes altruistic motives. I am always severely moved by those that on a daily basis have the wisdom, courage and compassion to work for the betterment of humanity and the greater good of our society with little regard to our own agendas. If we could all make such a difference however small and insignificant it may feel at the time, wouldn’t it then be plausible that we might just begin to live in a better world!

To all those that choose to make a difference, (some of you have made a very positive impact on my family) I wanted to take that moment to say thank you for all you do! It has not gone unnoticed and you are a part of making a better world!

Monica Sattele

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