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I was forced out of the bike lane in Coldstream on Sunday by a lovely couple vitriolically spewing venom out the window at speed, while training. I was 10 cm left of the white line separating the bike lane from the road, as the bike lane was smothered in debris. By law, did you know I could actually take the whole lane? 

I was going 50 km/h, and yes people, I'm allowed by law to go that fast with a human engine. This was pure rage, pure hate against cyclists. Had I not been experienced, I would likely have been seriously injured or killed. I have cycled seriously for 29 years. I caught up to the couple at he stop sign to have a chat, and was struck when the gentleman driving decided to turn hard left while I was at the driver door. This lovely example of human kindness drove away, fully hitting and running, watching me flail in the mirror whilst fleeing. Should I have approached his door to have a chat? Probably not, however, I was just run off the road, and a little bothered by the attempt on my life. 

Luckily, I grabbed the licence, and it's a police matter now. A great way to enjoy your Sunday afternoon. The question is, why the hate? No one was coming the other way on Aberdeen Road, just go around me. Simple. Why attempt to injure? I'm a dad with 2 kids and a lovely wife, why? Just why are you filled with such hate to all cyclists? Do you also hate all drivers because of some bad apples? Why? Humans devolution, we are not connected, we don't really care about each other. 

As I dropped my kids off at school today, I watched a man from Alberta pull out his cell phone, in the school parking lot, and begin focusing on the device while driving. In an elementary school parking lot, in a school zone, before school. Should I now rage and hate all people from Alberta? Why do some classify all cyclists as one homogeneous group of subhuman life?  

I have a crazy solution, let's share our collective space, it's not about you. Be better.

Andy Saunders

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