Residents blocked in

The road expansion for Coral Beach Farms on Shanks Road in Lake Country is causing disruptions to neighbours.

Last week, I drove down Shanks Road to go to work, which is the only way out, and a dump truck and excavator were blocking the road. There were no flaggers, and they wouldn't move until finally I had to park my vehicle and get out to get the attention of the workers, who were just talking.

When I asked them to move so I could get to work, they just laughed.

Now I'm late for work every day because of this disruption.

On Wednesday, I came home from work, and the road was completely torn up. There were flaggers, but they asked me to drive into the ditch, where my car bottoms out, to get away from the the dump truck and road construction.

This is unacceptable. All we ask is for passage to our homes, as this is our only access.

Krystal S.

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