Keep your dogs on leash

I read with horror the latest news on off-leash dog attacks in the Kelowna area. 

Responsible dog owners like myself are now fearful of walking anywhere with our dogs because of the stupidity of dog owners who let their dogs – any dogs – wander around off-leash. 

It's people like that who make it difficult for people like me to gain any respect for our well-trained, well-restrained dogs. 

I don't care what the breed is, if you aren't in an off-leash park, if you are on the rail trail, Mission Creek, downtown, wherever you might encounter other people and/or dogs, keep your freaking dog on a leash. 

Bylaw officers or RCMP need to start charging these people. 

Sadly this dog was desperately injured and, just think, it could just as easily have been a child.

Bernice Leduc, Kelowna

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