Thanks to VJH staff

I am writing in appreciation of the exemplary job by pediatrician Dr. Percy and the nursing staff at Vernon Jubilee Hospital while caring for our granddaughter on a recent visit to the ER.

On May 9, we were instructed to bring our granddaughter Delilah immediately back to the hospital after bloodwork was drawn on May 7. 

The parents (Joshua and Collette) and grandmother and papa were present to support her. Last week, Delilah was taken to the clinic in Enderby for needed bloodwork. After eight attempts at drawing blood, the parents decided it was enough, as Delilah was suffering. She is now extremely terrified of needles.

Shortly after arriving in ER, Dr. Percy communicated clearly the results of Monday's bloodwork and outlined the next steps. Another drawing of blood would be needed to validate current blood counts.

Delilah continually stated "no needles!"

The nursing staff (RNs Monica and Donna, students Andrea and Jenna) showed caring, love, compassion and professionalism working with a traumatized four-year-old little girl. Monica entered our room with toys and stickers to keep Delilah calm and occupied as Dr. Percy examined her. 

The nursing staff made Delilah as calm as could be expected, with calm, caring conversation and popsicles.

I want to commend Dr. Percy for her excellence in providing clear communication, caring, with utmost professionalism. We are very thankful Dr. Percy is working at VJH.

Job well done!

Karl Uchida

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