Cyclists making own rules

So, really, do cyclists in the Okanagan make up their own rules?

I always thought they were supposed to follow the same rules as vehicles. Like signalling a turn, wearing a helmet, stopping at a stop sign.

My husband and I recently went for a lovely drive to Coldstream, took the highway and turned by Coldstream Ranch, came along Kal Lake Road and were turning onto the cemetery road. 

Out of the blue, three cyclists came screaming around the corner, without stopping at the stop sign.

Then, there were four more as we turned onto the road. They were in the middle of the road. 

I don’t understand. Cyclists complain all the time about vehicles, and how wrong drivers are, that they get no respect on the road.

This is not first time we have seen this, but this time I was frosted!

Why should we respect your right as cyclists? You seem to make up your own rules. 

Get with the road rules or stay off!

Laurie Reiter

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