High gas prices

Oil companies licence to print money. What other industry can cut back production then raise prices to make up for it. Oh, it’s called supply and demand, the fuel they produce does not cost one cent more, but the price goes up significantly.

Often the affected facilities are not even ones that supply BC. As usual Gas Buddy tries to put a spin on it.”  Across the border in Blaine, Washington, gas is selling for US $3.49 a gallon, or about $1.18 a litre including the exchange rate. That compares to $124.4 in Kelowna, $125.9 in Vernon and $122.9 in Penticton.” Actually, Gas Buddy shows regular fuel as low as $3.09 in Blaine or $1.05 C per litre.

Much of Vancouver’s fuel comes from Washington because 3 of the 4 refineries we had at the coast shut down years ago. Not much forethought about the surging demand. In Prince George where they have a small refinery they are paying $1.07 a litre for regular.

Some food for thought.

Gord Marshall

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