Taking rap for all bands

I am writing this letter in support of Hedley! I am a 50 something mother of 3 grown kids, and I felt I needed to stand behind this band. My daughter and I are attending the Kelowna show together.

I really feel that Hedley has taken the rap for all bands. I agree that what has been “alleged” to have happened between this band and a few fans is wrong, and that bands in general need to take a look at their conduct and keep things professional on every level. However I also agree that bands from all generations have done those same things on a regular basis. Some of these bands I won’t name names, have actually joked about their indiscretions in interviews I’ve seen! They are made to feel they are entitled. Well NO they are not entitled, and all of it needs to stop!

However, to make Hedley the scapegoat for all bands, to ruin their career, to shun and protest at their concerts, over accusations that are yet unproven is unfair and unreasonable!  These guys know what they’ve done (if they have), they know they need to take action and be an example to their fans! They have already paid a big price for again what are “alleged” allegations. They also know how people feel about this kind of behaviour, and they know they represent this country, this province, and these communities. But I think at this point we as the fans of this local band need to stand behind them, give them the love and support they need  to propel them forward! To encourage them to not give up, but to keep on  keepin' on, and to learn from it rather than signing off permanently and stifling such talent!

My daughter and I will be there in support. I hope many will join us!

Angela Gouldsborough

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