Tax a good thing

I’m sorry but I have a hard time reading all the letters complaining about the new BC tax on vacant homes and property speculators.

In my opinion it is about time a BC government stood up for BC residents rather than pandering to businesses and wealthy property owners who have made fortunes speculating on BC property and now apparently don’t want to pay their fair share. These properties that sit vacant are a huge contributor to rising house prices and outlandish rents. The people who live here and earn lower than average wages struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet while some wealthy people watch their “vacation” properties growing in value exponentially.

Try moving here and paying 12% on literally everything you buy and see how that feels. As for those threatening to sell if the tax goes through, well you’ll probably make a killing on it so it’s pretty hard to feel sorry for you and the ultra wealthy contractors saying they will stop building, give me a break, they will just pass the tax on to the purchasers as they always have and lastly please stop trying to tell us that if you sell your vacation property the whole BC tourist industry will crumble away. Really, I mean don’t you think the new owners will need groceries too?

Ken Quesnel

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