Getting ripped off?

Gasoline at the pumps today was about $1.299, while Canadian producers of light oil and heavy crude are getting less than 40.00 dollars for a barrel of that black stuff.

For those who believe we are getting ripped off at the pumps, there are now some good news on that issue, especially if you are living in, or regularly driving through West-Kelowna, Vernon, or Penticton.

A few days ago another brand new 16 pump CO-OP gas bar and convenience store opened for business, this time in West-Kelowna. While they may charge the prevailing price for their gasoline and other petroleum products, the extra money those CO-OPs collect for their products, is returned to the members in the form of patronage refunds. In the case of gasoline, it will in all likelihood amount to several cents per liter.

So, if you believe you are getting ripped off by those big multi-national oil companies, become a member and share-holder in your own CO-OP gas bar, and start saving money. You will like it, every time you fill your tank.

Andy Thomsen

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