School Spring break

I would like to take this opportunity to express my frustration as a parent who has a child in grade 8 in a West Kelowna School. We have lived in West Kelowna for three years now after moving from Edmonton where spring break was always a one week break. Coming to BC we quickly learned of the two week break the kids get and were baffled as to why this is necessary. I would like to know what legitimate reason there is for such a lengthy amount of time off in which teachers have two weeks without students in front of them? With two weeks off at Christmas, time off at every major holiday, Pro D days which seem to be every two weeks and summer break you're telling me they need an additional week off in the spring to do what exactly?

As our world continues to evolve we are challenged to keep up with new cutting edge technology, more pressure to produce results quicker and pushed to compete for jobs that have less positions available and demand more specialized skill sets.

It may be debated that it’s only an extra week off but if you look at the big picture it’s an enormous amount of time off over the whole year. When are we ever going to see these unions that fight for ridiculous concessions be over written and denied all these privileges these teachers and support staff get? Things are out of hand and the parents suffer as most of us have regular jobs that we work throughout the year with regular time off.

It’s time for someone to challenge the decision makers that allow this to happen and give us an answer!

AJ Dawson

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