Landfill, a bad neighbor?

I recently heard a City of Kelowna staff member suggest that the notion that the City's planning department is only concerned about the future of the rich in this city is unfounded. I would like to challenge the city staff to stand by that statement as they consider the proposed development of the Diamond Mountain property in North Glenmore. 

As a born and raised resident of the Glenmore Valley, I take great exception to the negativity being spread through social media regarding this project. I would like to clarify some facts, and give a more positive view.

a) Given that many larger properties in the Okanagan Valley are restricted from development and sale due to ALR regulations and restrictions, opportunities for families to find more smaller affordable pieces of land to purchase and settle on are becoming more and more rare. For this reason alone, this development should move ahead, especially given that the property in question isn't, and never has been in the ALR.

b) It is being "speculated" that smell from the dump will cloud the proposed Diamond Mountain property development in the future. I would like to ask a question: How many of the city staff have actually set foot on the proposed property? I grew up my entire life on a property directly across from the proposed site and spent many days on the Diamond Mountain property throughout those many years. The fact is, that due to both its elevation and valley wind patterns, the Diamond Mountain property is not impacted by smell from the dump; its elevation is its own natural "buffer zone". I would encourage city staff to seek out the facts, rather than draw bizarre conclusions from what has become pure speculation and imagination.

c) The Kelowna City Landfill currently has a reputation for being one of the most cleanest and well-managed landfills in the entire province. While the city staffers pride themselves in that fact, (which they should), I find it extremely ironic that the landfill has now suddenly become a site to avoid in terms of developing near it.

I strongly suggest that the City of Kelowna planning department think about the future of Kelowna families. The fact is, many families are leaving the valley due to the inability to find smaller affordable lots,if certain members of the city staff want to make a stink about something, the future of Kelowna's families are what they should turn their focus on.

Rod Tribiger

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