Sour taste left

As an Albertan I was very upset to hear of proposed tax in Kelowna, we have been coming to B.C. for summer and winter holidays for past 55 years (first to Kootenay lake and since 1979 Okanagan). We rented for years and in 2000 bought a condo in Kelowna not to make money but to enjoy all 4 seasons.

We do pay our taxes but are very upset at extra tax just because we are from Alberta, when we join the others who sell it will certainly drive prices down and decrease your tax base making more expensive for locals. 

The restaurants, wineries, golf courses and ski hills will see decreased return. We also buy groceries, furniture and use locals to clean and maintain our property. We bought the place to enjoy the wonderful Okanagan and thought to leave to our children not to sell it.

This leaves such a sour taste in our mouth about Kelowna and B.C. 

Jim Metcalfe

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