No serious thought given

I do not have a second home to be worried about, however if I did have one in one I would not want to rent it. If I did it would be for hotel rates for short periods, so it would not interfere with my use. The rate would have to be high to pay for cleaning and management services and make it worthwhile, so it would not provide either long term or affordable housing, it would only take business from hotels.

How would this do anything to address the housing shortage in BC cities?

Seriously who would buy a vacation home only to rent it out “long term”, whatever definition that becomes.

The name is a misnomer, it is not just on speculators. Canadians that have second homes in BC and use them are not speculators, they regularly support local business and, in many cases, retire here in those homes.

No serious thought has gone into this.

Gord Marshal

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