A change of management

I just read about a law suit between ICBC and the owner of a Ferrari. After reading the news article, it is obvious to me that the staff at ICBC has dropped the ball and failed their customer. Ferrari had a value of $696,000 as established by an arbitrator in 2014. That was 4 years ago and now ICBC claims the damages exceed the value of the car. It's no wonder the car owner dad to hire a lawyer to fight them. Does the owner have the car back? Probably not.

My point is that since ICBC has been under the microscope, I have heard lots of excuses as to why ICBC is a huge black hole that sucks money from our pockets. I have heard that the cost of injuries and the cost of new car parts have skyrocketed. Now they want to put a cap on minor injury payouts which is good. I want to know why nobody in charge have pointed their finger at the management that runs ICBC? I still think there is way too much waste in the management of ICBC. Everyone knows all employees get every other Friday off with pay. Do you?

So here we have an article in the news about a customer and his car that is not happy and had to hire a lawyer. I just completed the online questionnaire and it seems the questions were asking my opinion about their ideas that may or may not have been implemented. "Do you think it is more fair to penalize poor drivers and credit good drivers equally" Meaning that the change would have a net result. No cost or savings to ICBC.

Mike Bell

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