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I have to agree with a previous comment from Laura about all the controversy surrounding Hedley. My friends and I have been fans of the group for years and continue to support them to this day. We’ve attended many of their concerts in Vancouver, which are always fun for the group because they get to play at home and they love the home crowd so much they tend to play long into the night for those fans.

The poor groups reputation has been torn to pieces simply because of some unproven comments online. To have both their opening acts drop them on their current tour, along with their management and the JUNO awards is disgusting. Sure they may portray a party lifestyle on stage but from what I understand they are quite involved with their communities off stage. You can’t tell me that groups from 20+ years ago weren’t doing way worse things than what has been reported here, but because of this online environment now it’s easier to simply ruin someone without any proof.

My friends and I are still planning to attend their Kelowna concert to show our support for the group when they need it the most. These are Canadian artists and they should be supported by their fans.

Rachel Gil

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