Personal opinion, not fact

“By more than three to one, the people who actually speak to me in the community about this are glad to see the project go ahead”. Cindy Fortin is referring the to illegal development permit and ensuing arbitrary change of the Official Community Plan in Peachland to accommodate one developer for one development project on Beach Avenue.

Why should we believe this mayor about anything she claims she hears on the street, where are her facts, where is her research to make fact-based decisions, who are these people who are not committed to attending a public hearing yet anonymously approach the mayor on the street? The mayor is claiming her personal opinion as fact and letting her personal views govern this town.

She has no proof, yet continues to ignore the real numbers, and the true facts, over 75% of the population that attended or wrote submissions did not support the PeachTree development at the Jan 30 public hearing. She chooses to ignore this number, and the majority it represented.

Cindy Fortin's council has continually altered the facts to suit their needs: for Peachalnders, anything this mayor says is "fake news".

Benjamin Yamamoto

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