Speculation tax

I read with interest Bill Ferguson's letter. I would agree that this is one of the most poorly thought out pieces of legislation ever. It would seem that the NDP wish to continue a war with Alberta that they initiated over pipelines over which they have no authority and try and punish Albertans.

I don't wish to deal with the oil issues for which they have far less than unanimous support but address the "Speculation Tax" Firstly I have no quarrels with stopping speculation, the new tax does little to address this issue rather it poses severe penalties on fellow Canadians. Alberta and BC have been good neighbours until the present government.

Many of us have deep roots in both provinces. My wife's family originally arrived in BC around 1905 and her father arrived around 1922. Our current property has been in the family since the 1950's and we have owned it since the 1990's. Suddenly we may be subjected to an exorbitant tax as we are "speculators". This makes no sense. Although our current primary residence may be in Alberta our family is more in B.C., my sisters live in B.C., my wife's 6 siblings live in B.C., our aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces live in B.C. Many of our neighbours went to Kindergarten with my wife.

We maintain a residence in B.C. not because we are speculators but because have we have a deep history of family and friends there. We pay our property and school taxes and contribute to the local economy, now according to the NDP we are speculators.  Many of our friends are in similar positions with deep ties to the community, Mr Horgan and his cohorts thinks we can just be written off as we can't vote. That may have a little bit of truth however as we are retired we could spend the requisite 6 months in B.C. to vote against him. However our family and friends would provide a much more substantial vote as would the family, friends and others in similar position.

For a politician in such a precarious hold of power this would seem a political nightmare with a strong chance of becoming a backbencher.

Larry Hunka

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