Westside trustee decision

Tonight I am saddened by the decision of our elected trustees for district 23. After 2 hours of discussion and hearing impassioned parents ask trustees to delay this process until 2019 (vs rushing it through for September 2018), 5 out of 7 voted to push it through based on budget - a budget for now. A budget based on temporary fixes.

What bothers me most? 3 things. The temporary nature of the fix, the specific group of children it affects, and the fact that the yes votes were 100% based on money, period. 

One, this is a temporary fix and everyone admits that. That was not in question, this alleviates issues for now but will be a massive issue at Mt. Boucherie with overcrowding in the not so distant future and that's after adding 9 portables over a couple of years.

Two, the children and families this decision affects have been and will continue to be shuffled thru short term fixes. These are the same kids who were affected by overcrowding in Kindergarten and grade 1. This was temporarily alleviated by the addition of a new elementary school on the Westside but not without upheaval and emotional trauma at times. Now these children are in grade 5 and being given an early shove off into middle school. The school board knows that these temporary fixes expire in 2025 and guess which grade these kids are in? You guessed it, grade 12! Happy Grad year. Here's yet another shuffle, another disappointing display of poor planning on behalf of your school trustees. Oh and congratulations, it's at your expense again!

Three, every trustee either voted no or admitted that the emotional way to vote was for 2019, but voted yes  because the bottom line was for money. How about listening to your community and voting for the right thing and not selling out.

It was clearly acknowledged in the room that the board had failed to properly and adequately inform parents of these upcoming changes. Too bad for us and our kids, we lose. 

Kris Loewen

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