Time to change things up

Like so many others, I also feel the frustration Roger von Dach expresses in his letter (All new government Feb 18) regarding federal and provincial politics. The system is broken, it is designed to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

This fall we will be given an opportunity to take the first step toward fixing an electoral system that creates tin gods for Prime Ministers (Premiers) who are indebted to "the donor class". Let's start with changing B.C. to proportional representation and pressure the federal Liberals to keep their election promise to do the same - or vote them out.

We could then look at banning whipped votes, instead mandating MP's (MLA's) to freely and openly vote the wishes of the constituents who elected them. Seeing as taxpayers already pay a large portion for CBC TV, we could give free and equal time for parties to air their platform, debate, and answer questions. No more excessive donations that allow governments to be bought. It seems the ones that want to keep the first-past-the-post system are the few that are reluctant to share the benefits this great country can offer. 

Robert Brown

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