Wine vs oil and much more

The NDP government in B.C. needs to tell us what is the real reason they have decided to restrict the twining of the oil pipeline to Burnaby. Is the reason the environment or is the reason because of a deal made to the green party to insure both parties control the B.C. government?

If its the environment explain to us what the B.C. government is going to do different than the federal government has done to ensure our province is safe and when will this review start. Who is doing this review and when will it start,  if it's even tomorrow why the delay?

Maybe the oil flowing through it right now should be stopped until environmental concerns are safe guarded.  For the time being a few more tankers supplying oil from Libya will not make a difference, will it?

If the reason for blocking this pipeline and the oil in it is for a favour to the green party then tell us.

Gary Nik

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