We need petroleum for now

I read the letter from Ian Maclean and it occurred to me that without the Kinder Morgan pipeline there would be very little gasoline, or diesel getting to our beautiful province of B.C. As almost everything in this world that we use and consume is made from petroleum products in today's world.

I don't see all the people of BC riding there horses to the grocery store to get a litre of milk, why is that? Because we all rely on oil and gas to fuel our cars, heat our homes, transport our goods coming into our ports. Ask yourself how can we get all the hay to the horses in the lower mainland that everyone will be
riding, how can we make the bicycles that everyone will be riding. The answer is simple we can't, we have to work together to find solutions to some pretty hard questions folks and the only people we hear from are the far right and far left. 

So many near sighted people trying to make their minority views the norm. Like it or not petroleum products are the norm in our world today, maybe one day we can find a way to rid our lives of this cycle, but until then lets try to work together.

Calvin Thomas

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