We do need a new way

I read your letter's to the editor almost every day, one letter kind of caught my eye in particular. It was written by Roger Von Dach. And was about the idea of "A new government".

After reading his letter it struck me that we as Canadians are so complacent with the status quo that we often respond to what's the use wanting to change the way we are governed because we can't change it anyway. There lies the problem, we as Canadians have allowed our politicians to take control our lives. Due to our ignorance and reluctance to demand change from the people we put into office, we have the status quo. We have politicians that ignore us, take us for granted, even go as far as misrepresenting the truths about their political intentions. These politicians, feel that they are above the law in that they can't be prosecuted for any violation of the common laws of Canada in that any regular Canadian Citizen would be charged, and if found guilty would be jailed, fined. or both.

Our political leader's and political parties should be forced to sign a binding agreement or citizen contract that if they fail to perform to the people's ethics in totality, during the performance of their duties, regardless of their party affiliation or position that they hold and this contract is governed by a third party with no ties to any  government interference. It is managed by a group of random citizens voted into this role from across the country.

As for the senate, this is a total waste of resources, time and performs no useful results for the citizens of Canada. It is used by all political parties as their escape goats, in order to deflect the reality of our politicians, misuse of their decisions on behalf of Canadians. I agree that unless we as Canadians, start to really take interest in what our government of the day is doing day to day on our behalf. Our children's future will be in peril, our children's future depends on what we older citizen's do. If we do nothing now, our kids will never own a home, will not have a full time job, will not have medical coverage. will be able to provide food on the table, need I go on?

I agree with Mr. Von Dach, we need a "new way to govern" and I'm willing to start now. 

Wayne Barron

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