Bad driving

Is it no wonder that ICBC has financial problems. Just drive down any road, or highway, in this province and the answer to ICBC’s problems is obvious.

Just about everyday, the Coquihalla is shut down due to an accident. I recently drove over the Coquihalla, which was covered in compact snow and ice, and was passed by a steady stream of vehicles doing well over the speed limit. Today as I was driving around town doing my errands on the icy compact roads, I had impatient people right on my bumper. When one drives the speed limit on our highways, it doesn’t take long to realize you are the only one doing the speed limit. Virtually no one stops at stop signs. Seems people no longer know what turn signals are for, or how to use them. People pass on double solid lines and race to beat the yellow light turning red. People give you dirty looks when you slow down for school zones, or stop for a
pedestrian at a marked crossing. Daily you see people texting and hitting the gravel shoulder on the
highway, but continue to text, seriously people! What don’t you get? You are the problem! Why do
you think the laws don’t apply to you?

Society no longer takes responsibility for its actions and the corresponding outcome. I find it so pathetic that most people think they are good drivers. It’s so easy to blame the government for ICBC ‘s problems, but the reality is, it all starts with each of us.

Cindy Nixdorf

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