RE: Drivers, not roads

After reading this article I agree up to a point. However, on one point I disagree 100%. "If you're not comfortable driving the speed limit on snowy roads" is what I am talking about. If the road is snow covered, you should not drive the speed limit.

I have been driving for close to 60 years and about half of that time professionally, with a total of somewhere around 3 million kilometers, in all kinds of road conditions, without one single accident. I have stopped countless times when I saw a vehicle in the ditch or even worse, on it's roof, just to see if anybody needed help. Believe it or not, before they even answered my question, the first thing they said "I was not speeding".

I got the impression that there are a lot of drivers out there who think if the sign says 120, that is the speed they have to drive and if you happen to drive a 4x4 or an all wheel drive, you can even exceed that speed. Drive up to Big White a few times and you see that at least 7 out of 10 cars in the ditch belong to the 4-wheel or all wheel category.

I have written several letters over the years about this very same problem and even went as far as saying that we don't have driving schools in this country and I am sticking to it. The so called driving schools should change their names and call themselves "How to pass the Road Test School".

To my knowledge, there is not even a place to practice your skills on a slippery road or how to recover from a slide. If you try that on an empty parking lot, you have to deal with the cops in no time flat.

Roger von Dach

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