Stop playing games

What a child Notley is. Of course BC citizens have all the right in the world to want our beautiful coast and it's marine life protected at all costs.

The damaging spills we have witnessed in the past have shown we do not have the slightest idea how to approach a spill in real time for cleanup. Always, by the time we get to a spill it has spread and sunk and created irreversible damage to our eco system forever.

If Notley thinks these childish antics will keep her in power in the next election, she is sadly mistaken. Notley seems very capable of spouting off, so I would like to suggest that she put her money where her mouth is. As this is Alberta’s bitumen that will be dumped onto or into BC’s coast, let the Notley government put up a 5 billion dollar cash reserve held in trust by the BC government to be used when Alberta’s bitumen is spillt in our waters.

Bets are she will come up with some lame childish excuse as to why she can’t do that. So Notley, stop playing your little games and step up to the plate.

Ian MacLean

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