Decisions made, finally

It was never going to be a win/win situation with Banks Crescent. 

No clear winners/no absolute losers. This may seem an odd way to say thank you, but Banks Crescent was never going to be an easy decision for anyone. Our town lost potential tax dollars, we all know how much our infrastructure needs attention. You all had a hard job to do and tackled it fairly, giving very concise reasons for your vote, “due diligence” was more than done. City Hall staff are to be commended for all their work. We attended almost every Council meeting for the past 22 months, it was hard work for us in the public galley too. We proudly stood with a large group of people passionately against this proposal.  

So more than simply thanking the councillors that cast their vote “not to support” for all their various reasons given last Tuesday night, thank you for keeping the best interest for the flavour of our town of Summerland, our Trout Hatchery and our neighbourhood. We acknowledge Mayor Waterman and Councillor Peake’s views as well, they stated their reasons for support very well. This was a wake up call for us, for the Trout Hatchery and the future of neighborhoods.

We need growth, we need jobs, both will happen when it is the right developer, in the right location. 

I am sure all of you are also relieved to have a decision made. Thankfully, it was the one we hoped for all along.

Barbara and Orv Robson

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