Talk to your children

With the recent events happening in Penticton I challenge parents who have teenagers to sit down and talk about mental health. If your child is attending any school, talk to them, counsel them about the appropriate ways to interact with people that struggle.

Your child needs to know that bullying, yelling at and making fun of others is not the way to go. Coach them to not use social media and talk about this. You may think you have the perfect child, but no one knows how their child acts at school, even if your child is perfect talk to them. This incident is bigger than standing up and covering scars and being told to stop.

Social media has made teenagers depressed and self-destructive. It's up to the parents to stand up and step in. You are in this together, only you can be part of the solution. Don't let your child be part of the problem.

All parents need to start talking about mental health and how to respond to situations.

Alicia Ferri

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