Theft is theft

The NDP government publicly insists the previous government “stole” $1.3 billion from the drivers of British Columbia by transferring funds from ICBC into general government coffers. The NDP authorized candidate publicly made the same accusation at the recent all candidates meeting in Kelowna.

So NDP government, as you are adamant the funds were “stolen” by government aren’t you in possession of proceeds of crime and morally responsible to return them to the rightful owner? Would a court of law further penalize a victim of a financial crime by ordering the victim to make good on the money absconded by the thief? It is government that must make restitution not the drivers of British Columbia.

NDP government, you have the $1.3 billion in general accounts now. You are morally responsible to give the “stolen” funds back. Why are you further penalizing the victims by making them pay for the government crime by increasing ICBC rates?

Pay the money back to the rightful owners, ICBC and the drivers of BC. It is not any governments to keep. Theft is theft, plain and simple no matter who did it or how it was done.

Patrick W. Olenick

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