Senseless attack on cat

In December we came home to find our cat sitting at the door waiting for us with a severe eye injury. We took him to the vet and the eye had to be removed, it seemed to be healing but then he started to scratch at his face so we took him back to the vets and they indicated it could be a neurologist problem. We tried him on some medication but he was getting worse and had wear a cone constantly to protect his face. The vet decided to do a x-ray and found that he had a lead pellet lodged by his ear. They removed it in hopes that maybe it would help but unfortunately it did not and we had to put him down this week.

An extremely stressful and agonizing decision devastating our whole family, especially two little boys. I am finding it so hard to believe someone in our neighbourhood shot our cat in the eye with a pellet gun. If you had a problem with the cat a better option was to just let us know. If you where just play around then what a nasty cruel thing to do. I just want to warn other neighbours that you better keep your cats indoors. If anyone knows of who may have done this please contact the RCMP as there has been a file opened.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Moria, Dr. Mike and all the wonderful staff at Pawsitive Veterinary Care. I appreciated your kindness and support over these last two months and I know we all tried so hard to have a better outcome. 

Jan Streeter

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