Elderly punished

This month as a retired person who was employed for many years and worked hard and fought horrendous Vancouver traffic, I was given a raise this month by the Government.

What a surprise to receive an entire $1.17 per month on my old age Pension and a whole $13.58 per month on the Canada Pension that I paid in to for years and years. Then to read the write up that the CRA were given a $35,000 bonus?

I thought this government was different, but just like that person in the country below us, we have a load of pocket stuffing politicians who only stuff their own pockets, the rest of us  peons who worked for years and years and years for this country can eat soup!!  Yeah these are the "golden years" alright, but only golden to those in Otttawa and behind desks in Victoria!

I'd like to see Mr. Trudeau survive on an extra $14.75 per month, that literally is one case of soup!

Thanks for all my hard work.

Kerry Kozak

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