Inept Competition Bureau

The Canadian Competition Bureau is capitalizing on the recent bread pricing scandal. Unfortunately, they only found out about the scam when it was reported to them by insiders. They would have had no clue but their track record is not impressive so no surprise.

Somehow, they were able to prosecute a number of individuals and companies for gasoline price fixing in Quebec going back to 2008, but they have either not tried or have been unable to successfully investigate to obvious gasoline price fixing in British Columbia. We see it in the Okanagan at least once a month, the wholesale price of regular gasoline as posted on the Natural Resources Canada site today was 76.9 in both Kamloops and Kelowna. The retail price in Kelowna was 123.9 and Kamloops 113.9. In Kamloops there is a wide range of prices, in Kelowna it is unusual to see any station that is less than the rest. They all magically arrive at the same price increase or decrease within minutes of each other but the Competition Bureau can’t figure it out.


Perhaps a healthy reward for information leading to charges would help. There must be some unhappy or retired employee than knows the system.


Gord Marshall

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