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As a response to Martha Cantarini’s letter entitled “Concerns for furry friends” regarding no 24/7 Vet Hospitals in Penticton. There are veterinary offices in Penticton that are open on Saturdays by appointment, Lindsey Veterinary Hospital for sure is. I’m sure if your pet were in dire need of emergency care and you showed up on their door they would do everything in their power to accommodate you. They also board pets there, so I guarantee there’s someone in the building on Sundays. 

I agree that we do have a big enough population to support a 24/7 vet service and that it would be a great need to the surrounding communities, but unless you have the credentials and are willing to volunteer for the midnight shift, I don’t think it’s fair for you to be this disgusted over it. Vet staff are regular people wanting to work a regular Monday to Friday work week and I personally can’t fault them for that. 

If you call any local vet number after hours, the phone will put you through to the emergency line in Kelowna.  They are able to talk you through just about anything and give you advice and sympathy. 

I know what it’s like to lose a loved furry family member, so I’m sorry if you have experienced this loss as well. I know we always want our fur babies to have the best care in all circumstances.

Joanna Gillick

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