Unfortunate incident

I take my lovely 8 years old dog up to Knox mountain almost everyday. We exercise, take in some fresh air, relax and enjoy that peaceful bound on our walks. 

Unfortunately recently, my dog was attacked before we reached the top, a young man and woman with 2 pitbull type dogs happened to be letting their dogs run freely all over the mountain. I asked if their pets were friendly because we were coming through to which they responded yes it will be fine.

As we start moving, both dogs charged at us and for absolutely no reason and attacked my dog Luna, who is not a fighter. She yelped after being bitten, had her tail between her legs and ran away, the dogs tried to follow her while I was running after them yelling. The owners stayed where they were only trying to call their dogs back, the dogs did not listen but fortunately stopped chasing her when Luna was far enough away.

I honestly would've called the police but I didn't have my cell phone with me, always bring your cellphones. These dogs were extremely aggressive and could've attacked me as well, the owners did not apologize or ask if my dog was hurt. They walked away with their dogs but still did not put them on a leash after the attack, I was shocked! I went straight home and called it quits for the day, Luna and I miraculously were not hurt, I thank Luna's thick coat of hair for that. 

I advise everyone to be careful if you encounter these people and their dogs anywhere in Kelowna and I beg dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash if their dogs are aggressive. My dog is a family member to me and I almost lost her because of 2 irresponsible pet owners and their aggressive dogs. There is nothing more horrible than watching someone you love getting hurt, I feared for her life. 

Alexandra Galy

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