Bylaws for some, not others

I live in the City of West Kelowna and in said city there is a bylaw about roadside parking. The bylaw states: “Highway” includes all public streets, roads, ways, trails, lanes, bridges and any other public way or right of way open to public use.” “Except as directed by a Peace Officer or Bylaw Enforcement Officer or as permitted by a traffic control device, no person shall stop or park a vehicle: on a highway for a continuous period of time for more than 24 hours within the same block, excluding a truck and/or trailer that has a licensed gross vehicle weight that exceeds 6000 kilograms or an overall length exceeding 6 metres. On a sidewalk or boulevard, either completely or partially, on any Highway without valid license plates”

I have written several emails over the past 2 months requesting that a recreational trailer (unlicensed) be moved as it is causing a visual impairment at an intersection. People must nose their vehicle out into the roadway in order to see that there is no oncoming traffic and it is safe to proceed. This is a danger to motorists on both roads.

To date, the offending trailer is still sitting there, our entire neighbourhood was given traffic violation notices to move any offending vehicles, trailers, etc. less than a year ago or risk impoundment. As of this date, there are no vehicles parked on the roadside in our area except for this trailer.

The bylaw officer assigned to this case, apparently did ticket the offending trailer and told me that he notified a towing company to remove the trailer but as of today, the trailer remains. I know that this trailer has been sitting there for well over 3 months already and continues to sit there posing a hazard to people in our area.

I am concerned that if and when there is an accident at this corner, who will be held liable? I will gladly provide the victims copies of my emails to The Bylaw Office of West Kelowna.

I remain very frustrated with the Bylaw Officers of West Kelowna.

Dawn Gibson

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