ICBC restructure

I am sick and tired of people hacking on ICBC. ICBC was hamstrung for years by a Liberal Government who wanted nothing more than to privatize insurance in BC to make Corporations richer at the expense of the public.

We saw it with BC Rail, which was a profitable Crown Corporation, that once privatized was run into the ground receiving tax payer bailouts. If ICBC's finances are a "dumpster fire" you only need to look at the BC Liberal sticker on the outside of the bin as its' root cause.

If you want private insurance then just look to the smashed up cars our neighbours in Alberta drive. Their system takes so long to figure out liability that people have no way to cover rental cars or even get their vehicles fixed in a timely manner. Lawyers, and lawyer fees are what is killing our systems, we need to cut out the 3rd parties and people who are abusing the system/causing the system the most cost. Manitoba and Saskatchewan have way lower rates than we do and it is because years of research have proven how much a person should be entitled to versus what a lawyer thinks should go into their own personal bank account. 

All ICBC needs is a government that will stick up for its' policies and the people of British Columbia.

Brodie Smith

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