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Upon seeing a front window displaying the image of a pin-up woman with eggs substituting breasts on January 16th my words were “I find that objectifying and offensive.” Your response to me was to explain why I should not be offended and why the image was not objectifying.

I understand that we do not share one opinion of the image, yet it is so with the street upon which it remains. The space is one which we all share and should be respected as such. If a member of the community finds your contribution to the environment hostile, they should be taken seriously, that’s just common decency and a practice expected of any business on the street.

I certainly feel uncomfortable walking past your doors. I do not feel welcome there, or inclined to enjoy breakfast there on Saturday. I feel like the butt of a joke which is not only at my expense, but also every woman who shares my opinion of the image. I hope to make you aware of the discomfort you are creating and the impact it has on this community and your patrons, potential and otherwise.

Rachel Mercer

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