Ride hailing in BC

I came to Toronto Canada in 2001 and have a master's in mathematics like many people who came before me and are still coming.

I looked for a job for three years and could not find anything, so I started driving taxi. I was working 70 to 80 hours a week and still had a hard time providing for my family. 

As per my experience, instead of the ride-hailing technology, give some benefits to drivers. It only killed hundreds and thousands of jobs related to this industry.

I don't know how in this civilized country, our politicians are in favour of running two different systems in one city. The old one is charging $10 and the new one is charging $6, where a driver would make $3.50/hour and even a single man would find it very hard to survive.

I hope the administrator of every municipality would give favour to people who drive taxi before passing a bill for ride hailing. These companies need to pay a respectable amount to the driver and then give them permission to run this business.

Abdul Qayyum Khan

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