Feeling unsafe

The residents of West Kelowna can expect the recent skyrocket in crime rates and overall lack of community safety to continue and increase. The 200-313% increase in break-ins, vehicle theft and violent crimes over the last year have fallen, once again on deaf ears.

City Council rejected the RCMP’s request for 8 badly needed additional officers and referenced issues with contract negotiations/obligations with provincial funding, that staff have failed to ensure the province was keeping up their end of the bargain. The residents of Shannon Woods, Glenrosa, Smith Creek, etc. are all facing weekly break-ins, illegal drug operations continue to prosper through the community and we can’t provide the resources the RCMP admit they badly need to keep residents safe. The criminals know the RCMP don’t have the staff to properly police our neighborhoods, that’s why the same areas are repeatedly targeted, there is no risk in getting caught!

On the other side, 11 additional city staff were approved as well as a whopping $4.2 million dollars for additional park land acquisitions. Now if only the parks were safe enough for our kids to enjoy without having to worry about discarded needles and drug dealers operating in broad daylight.

Please attend the open house on the 31st and voice your opinion if you feel unsafe and that our represented leadership and city staff needs to get our priorities straight as a community. 

Collin Crabbe

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