Who's the rogue regime?

Canada once again shows the world it is a leader for world peace by hosting a conference in Vancouver January 16 to advocate for “an aggressive diplomatic campaign designed to force the rogue regime (North Korea) to the negotiation table and avoid devastating military action”.

"We continue to find ways to advance the pressure campaign against North Korea, and send a unified message from the international community: 'We will not accept you as nuclear weapons nation' said U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson."

Wasn’t there another message sent by the international community, a treaty initiated by a Nobel Prize-winning organization (ICAN), and endorsed by 122 nations at the UN last July which said “We do not accept any nuclear weapons nations”?

Which Canadian ally, after leading a three year war which destroyed North Korea and killed 20 percent of its population, has been threatening nuclear annihilation of North Korea for decades, long before a North Korean nuclear program existed?

Which country is implementing a trillion plus dollar program to “modernize” their nuclear arsenal to make their nukes more “useable”?

What if Russia repeatedly massed 300,000 troops along the Ukraine border, conducted fly-overs with stealth and nuclear weapons capable aircraft and announced plans for “regime change” as the US continues to do in the case of Korea, what would Chrystia Freeland have to say?

Finally, though North Korea is labeled as a bellicose dictatorship, human rights violator and practitioner of cruel and unusual punishment of political dissidents isn’t this description far more justly applied to Washington’s principal Arab ally Saudi Arabia, the place where 14 billion dollars worth of Justin’s “jeeps” are headed?

Mark Haley

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